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87 (1) Despite all other years, unpaid wages constitute a pledge, a royalty and a guaranteed debt to the director who, from the date of payment of the salary, on the real and personal assets of the employer or to any other person mentioned in a decision, a transaction contract or an order , including money owed or owed to the employer or any other person from any source, were created. (b) a worker under a collective agreement and entitled workers (who work 15 of the last 30 days before the leave) are entitled to a general legal allowance corresponding to an average daily wage. (a) ensure that the worker has 32 consecutive hours of work leave for each week covered by the agreement, that the interval is taken during the same week, week or week in a row during the weeks covered by the agreement, or that the agreement cannot allow employees to plan in a manner that averages more than 40 hours per week. This does not mean that working more than 40 hours per week is not allowed. If you are working on a stat leave but are not entitled to the statutory leave allowance, you will be paid as if it were a normal working day (unless your employment contract is different). (a) a child who, by agreement or by court injunction, is placed in the day-to-day custody and control of the worker or because the worker is the parent or guardian of the child; You may have the right to replace a legal leave and take another day off. See below. The last consideration is that workers subject to a middle class agreement must not meet the 15 working days of the previous 30-day test in order to qualify for the statutory leave allowance. Workers with a scholarship contract are entitled to a statutory leave allowance if they are employed in the 30 calendar days prior to the statutory holiday. For Family Day on February 13, 2017, workers with a resource contract would be entitled to a statutory leave allowance if they had a single working day between January 14 and February 12.

Since the statutory leave allowance is the salary of the previous 30 calendar days, divided by the number of working days, a worker who worked only one day on January 16 would be entitled to those days to pay again for Family Day. Depending on the nature of working hours, a funding agreement may result in a substantial increase in statutory leave pay. (a) suspend, cancel or deny the reintroduction of the agricultural contractor`s licence or refuse the agricultural operator to issue a new licence until the licence is paid; If the employer freely has hours of work, these hours can be scheduled at any time during the median period.