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Do you want to rent a carpet cleaner near you? Use our location rental search tool to find your closest location to Pawsitively Clean® Carpet Rental Machine. Enter your zip code and limit your search radius to only 5 miles. Once you`ve arrived at your chosen rental location, go to the service office and let them know that you want to rent a carpet cleaner. If you have already completed the online rental agreement at home, give it to the administrator and you will finish the rest. If not, the agent will help you fill out the form and answer any questions you may have. The manager can also help you choose your clean pawsitiv® machine formula as well as a pre-treatment spray for the treatment and removal of stubborn and inserted carpet stains. Step 2: Save time during the check-out process by providing and completing the home rental contract. Longer rental We offer different time slots for renting a BISSELL, for your convenience. Choose a 24-hour rental period for smaller projects or 48 hours for larger projects. Before turning over the carpet cleaner, clean the machine to remove any built dirt. Rinse the tanks from the carpet cleaner rental, clean the denses of the brush roller and edge and wipe the bottom of the machine.

Then send it back to the store during your rental period (24 hours or 48 hours). Download the full use of a carpet cleaner rental brochure. Once you have clean carpet cleaner at home, use it to deeply clean your carpets. For the best performance, make sure the area first empty. Pet stains can be difficult to get rid of, but the treatment before tough spots or inserted with a pawsitiv Clean® Stain – Odor Eliminator Spray helps. For more information on how to deeply clean your carpet using a rental machine, click here using the instructions for a BISSELL carpet cleaner. Save Time Online BISSELL offers its online rental form. Download it, fill it, print it out and take it to the care counter at rocky`s Customer Care. Customer Service A full team of BISSELL – Rocky`s Ace Hardware consumer care representatives is waiting to answer any questions you may have about deep cleaning and the deep cleaning rental process. Or you can visit BISSELL online for more information. A complete line of cleaning products We know that the BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® works best when combined with BISSELL products. That`s why they`ve created a whole series of cleaning formulas and detachants to maximize your deep cleaning.

So, who`s the winner? It`s clear with a BISSELL rental that you get much more than a deep cleaning. You get peace, friendliness and quality. Do you have any other questions about renting a carpet cleaner? Check out our FAQs on renting a carpet cleaner. Easy to remove Water Tank With BISSELL water tanks, there is no must or excitement. They are closed in themselves and removable. Just pick them up and get off and they`re ready to go! In addition, the cap is lined as a gauge, which allows you to easily make sure you are using the right amount. Faster drying time with less water With a MACHINE DEEP CLEANING BISSELL Big Green, you ® to consume less water, which means your carpet dries faster! So you can enjoy life again and not make traffic on your freshly cleaned carpet and cushions to the police. But it`s easy for us to tell you how great BISSELL carpet cleaners are, but it`s not fun! We`d rather show it. Indeed, if we compare BISSELL to its leading competitor, what characterizes it becomes obvious. Decades of experience BISSELL has been working in cleaning since 1876.

So if you rent a BISSELL for all your deep cleaning needs, you have decades of experience on your side. Ready to test the “Big Green Carpet Cleaner” BISSELL itself? EPA/Safer Choice BisSELL Recognized Cleaning Formulas Formulas Are Recognized by EPA/Safer Choice for Dedication to Development