Frequently Asked Questions


How accurate are the test results?

Our laboratory results are reliable and very accurate. Here at Comprehensive Lab Services we use a methodology called Mass Spectrometry. This method is the golden standard in confirmation of drugs for its high specificity and accuracy.

What is the easiest way to access my test results?

Lab test results are available in many forms. We offer the ability to login into our test results portal (located on the top right of the webpage) so that you are able to view the reports immediately as they become certified. We also offer options to fax or have reports e-mailed to you.

How soon can I expect patient test results to be released?

Patient results are guaranteed to be released 2-3 days after the lab receives and processes the urine samples. Anything not received at our lab by 11AM will be processed and ran the following day. 

How do I understand my test results?

In our online document center there is a document that provides the window of detection for the drugs we test for. Also included in this document is a metabolism guide that can aid in understanding test results. If you still have more questions on results feel free to contact our toxicology staff, and we will be happy to explain the result.

What if my patient has tested negative for an expected drug?

When a negative result is obtained on a test result it does not necessarily mean that there was no evidence of the drug in question. Instead, the concentration detected in the urine was below pre-set cutoff values and as such should be considered a negative result. For example,  if a patient has a concentration of 65 ng/ml for a certain drug that has a cutoff value of 75 ng/ml it will appear on the test as the patient being negative for the drug.

Am I able to determine whether a patient is taking their prescribed dosage?

Via LC-MS/MS we are able to determine the parent drug and its metabolites which can determine recent use of a drug or illicit substance. It is, however, unable to determine the dosage, time of ingestion, or original source of the drug.