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Callable SwapA receives a fixed interest/payment rate swap with an integrated option allowing the holder to cancel the swap before maturity. (1) With respect to the granting of loans, compensatory balances are minimum balances that the Bank must maintain by a borrower as partial compensation for the credit facility with the Bank. Continuous repo-repo/repo operation that has no declared duration. These transactions are renewed as a number of rest overnight. The amount of rest, the amount of funds invested and/or the amount of security are adjusted daily. Continuous deposits are often used in conjunction with bank scanning accounts. As part of an ongoing repurchase agreement, the transaction is terminated if one of the parties requests termination. It is also called open rest. Below are some of the most common types of intrusions and clauses that can be associated with entry contracts. Residential mortgages that meet all FNMA or FHLMC standards. Mortgages can meet the Agency`s requirements, whether they are sold or withheld by the initiator. Even if a compliant mortgage cannot be sold to FNMA or FHLMC, the amount, repayment terms and documentation are in compliance with the standards of these agencies and the loan can be sold to them at any time during its lifetime. Counterparty riskThe risk of a counterparty defaulting in relation to its contractual obligation (does not do so).

Counterparty risk is not limited to credit risk (the risk that the counterparty cannot meet its contractual obligations) but may also be due to other problems related to a counterparty that is not ready to execute the contract. Good quality certificationA written form established by a state office or official that certifies that a designated company is in good reputation in that state. Letter of CommitmentA legally binding letter in which a lender documents the conditions, conditions and conditions under which it agrees to provide financing to an applicant. Letters of commitment can be used in almost all credit transactions, but are the most common in commercial real estate transactions. Chattel paperA category of personal property defined by UCC Section 9. Chatl`s document is a document that contains both a monetary obligation and a security interest in goods or leasing. For example, temperid purchase contracts that include the promise of payment from a retail investor and a security interest retained by the seller become, for example, chat documents for one bank if the seller engages with another party. Such a document is often referred to as a dealer document, as dealers who grant indirect loans often sell or mortgage their tempered contracts for private customers to a financial institution. (2) The most commonly used name for enterprise-wide risk management guidelines (ERM) is referred to as “internal control – integrated framework.” These COSO guidelines now serve two purposes. Clearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS) A private electronic system in New York that is used to transfer money between banks.

Often used for funds that go to the U.S. and from the United States. See The Fed wire and Society for Worldwide Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). Cash instruments Financial instruments or commodities whose value depends on the maturity, coupon or other characteristics of the instrument itself.