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In mid-2010, Xchanging acquired security communications and technology company Data Integration. [26] The company[27] is an IT services company in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in network security, application optimization, mobility services, high-performance networks, IP telephony and open access networks. In 2001, Lloyd`s and the International Underwriting Association (IUA) partnered with Xchanging. Xchanging Ins-sure Services (XIS) provided for the creation of a single “office” for Lloyd`s and policy processing and processing services companies. Xchanging Claims Service (XCS) provides claims processing services for Lloyd`s Market. In 2016, Xchanging was acquired by CSC. In 2017, CSC merged with HP Enterprise Services for DXC technology. In 2010[23] Xchanging continued its expansion in the European financial sector through the development of an eighth corporate partnership with the Italian group SIA-SSB. [24] As part of this agreement, Xchanging acquired 51% of Kedrios S.p.A. (Kedrios), the Italian subsidiary of SIA-SSB, which specialises in securities processing and fund management services for the Italian market. [25] In 2000, Xchanging and BAE Systems created the first of these “business partnerships”[6] for HR services (see also[ 7]). A second followed soon after, again with BAE Systems, for indirect purchases.

[8] In 2012, Xchanging entered the U.S. market through an agreement with U.S.-based BAE Systems, which represents $800 million in expenses worth more than 7 years. [9] Two years later, Xchanging and Lloyd`s of London created two more “Enterprise Partnerships”[10] for claims processing and one for the London insurance market back-office system; including the IUA[11] as a partner. Other partnerships were signed in 2004 with Deutsche Bank[12][13] (introduction of Xchanging on the European financial market), Aon in 2006 (in Broking Services)[14] and Allianz GI[16][17] in 2007. Xchanging is a provider of business process and technology and integrator services owned by DXC Technology. It provides services to companies capable of creating technologies for the commercial insurance industry. In outsourcing, Xchanging typically supports a customer`s business process or back-office function and integrates it into an existing platform that it believes improves and reduces the cost of administrative tasks. [3] Xchanging employs more than 7,000 people worldwide. [4] Xchanging offers IT outsourcing, infrastructure, including network management services, software products and application management.